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Benefits of Lemongrass

Summer is here:  we at Brookstone Soaps are ready to enjoy days spent outdoors fishing and relaxing with our friends and family.  With the heat and increased amount of time spent outside, the risk for mosquito bites rises substantially.  Mosquitos love the smell of sweat, especially sweet floral and fruity fragrances.  During the warm weather when humidity is high and your body is excreting more sweat, switch your personal care products to a line that contains anti-mosquito properties.  DEET is a potentially harmful chemical which can lead to skin rashes, eye irritation and rarely neurological problems.  DEET spray if very effective in fighting mosquitos, but why risk the side effects?  Brookstone Soaps has an alternative for you.  We make a coconut lemongrass soap that contains olive oil, palm kernel oil, sweet almond oil, coconut lemongrass fragrance and calendula petals.  We also have a lemongrass lotion, body butter and a lotion bar to help keep those nasty mosquitos away from you this summer.  Olive oil, palm oil and sweet almond oil moisturize your skin, lemongrass protects your skin from mosquito bites and smells great, and calendula leaves have antibacterial properties that heal small scratches and abrasions on the skin.  Pamper your skin with this great line of products, today.

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