Handmade West Virginia Soaps since 2010
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About Us


Our soap is made the old-fashioned way using all natural ingredients and a hand mixer. All of our soaps are made using the cold process method, ensuring small batches of a high-quality product guaranteed to leave you a lifetime fan of Brookstone Soaps.

The owners of Brookstone Soaps, Ron and Janie Brownfield, are lifelong residents of West Virginia and currently reside in Ona. They love being with their ever growing family, love the outdoors and love serving God.  They are the parents of three sons, one daughter  and four grandchildren. 

They purchased the business from Sharon and Dwight McMillion 2018.  The McMillions started making soap when their daughter's eczema worsened significantly after the birth of their grandson.  They began reading labels and doing research on how best to help her skin.  They could not believe the ingredient list for just a "simple" bar of soap.  Many unnatural ingredients and chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulfate,  often aggravate sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema.  Commercial soaps and shampoos are full of these unnatural ingredients.  After researching soap making and various recipes to help with allergic, sensitive skin, they were able to perfect the process.

Ron Brownfield is a family practice physician and Sharon was one of his patients. Every time she came for a visit she would bring him a bar of their homemade soap.  Ron realized the benefits of the handcrafted natural soap and would likewise share this knowledge with his patients, especially those with sensitive skin.  When Sharon and Dwight decided to sell their business and enjoy retirement, they trained Janie and Ron in the art of soapmaking.



This is how Brookstone Soaps began, as a family business, a business formed to help a family member. Now we have decided to share with you what we have learned. Brookstone Soaps will leave your skin wanting more and more. Using nature’s ingredients results in a quality soap that you will find to be very pleasing to your skin and your senses. While we continue to make a sensitive skin bar  we now have a variety of soaps available. Please look at the products page for details.